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Pergolas enhance backyards. Besides style, they serve several purposes. This process requires time, energy, and resources. The right contractor to install a pergola in your home is crucial to making the process less intimidating.

The labour to install a pergola costs $125 to $463 on average. Adding materials to this calculation, pergola installation will cost $2000–$4000. The pergola type and materials will determine this.

An easy-to-read cost guide will help you decide whether to install one!

The uses of a pergola?
We should discuss a pergola’s uses and benefits before discussing its price. This is a major property project, so you should understand its purpose.

Pretty pergolas
Building a home with pergolas is smart. Your backyard, deck, patio, or pool area will look elegant with a pergola. It allows you to decorate your home with hanging plants for romance or curtains for Grecian style.

But a pergola isn’t just pretty. Before installing a pergola, consider its other functional uses.

Pergolas shade
Pergolas shade. Well, technically. Pergolas don’t block the sun like walls do. However, they partially shade your backyard. It provides some shade and allows fresh air to circulate inside.

There are many ways to shade a pergola, including adding awnings and canopies to the roof or curtains between its posts. Be aware that pergola prices will increase with additional features.

Expand and frame your space with pergolas.
Decks and patios often have pergolas to extend the house. For summertime outdoor meals, a pergola on your deck may be a good idea.

They also frame your backyard or garden architecturally. You can use them to divide the garden for aesthetic or functional reasons.

What kind of pergola should I build?
Three main factors determine the cost of building a pergola: materials, size, and installation labour. Pergola material and size greatly affect cost. Labour costs $125–$463.

Consider your desired style when choosing materials: classic, rustic, romantic, or modern? Your style will limit your materials. To maximise your budget, discuss these top choices with your Tasker:

Standard pergola
Attached or freestanding pergolas are standard. The average pergola is 12 feet by 12 feet. How much does a 12×12 pergola cost? We’re ahead of you. With labour and materials, it costs $1000–$7000.

These can be carports if placed in your property. Material choices will increase the cost of a pergola carport.

Small area covered by awnings. As an extension of the main house. They are wall-mounted and don’t need posts or columns. These add shade and style to doors and windows. Pergola awning prices depend on customisation.

Roof retractable pergola
There are also different pergola roof styles. We often get requests for retractable pergola roofs. This convenient feature lets you cover or uncover your pergola mechanically. Retractable roof pergolas cost more due to their mechanism.

What materials to use?
The main cost factor for your pergola is its material. Some materials are cheaper. Cost shouldn’t be the only factor. Durability and aesthetics may be important. For your convenience, we’ve listed some top materials:

Wooden pergola
A well-built wood pergola project can give you a rural feel. You can choose from many wood materials for wood pergolas. Pine and cedar are the most popular woods because they’re cheaper.

The cheaper option is pine. No worries—its affordability doesn’t compromise quality. It is one of the most durable pergola materials. Although more expensive, cedar takes stains well. It resists rot but needs annual maintenance.

Vinyl/PVC pergola
For those on a budget, vinyl pergolas may work. They are gaining popularity. They are affordable and durable. They’re also easy to maintain. Many design options are available, and they are highly customisable.

Aluminium pergola
Aluminium is a good material for a modern pergola. Aluminium pergolas are simple. The material is durable and easy to maintain, even in harsh weather.

Fibreglass pergola
Cards on the table—fiberglass pergolas are costly. They’re expensive because they’ll outlast any other material. The material won’t corrode or rust, making maintenance easy.

Check out this pergola price list for type prices. Please note that these are material estimates.

Type of pergola

Estimated cost

Wooden pergola


Vinyl/PVC pergola


Aluminium pergola


Fibreglass pergola

$1000 to $5000

What other factors affect cost?
While we have a rough estimate of pergola installation costs, we cannot guarantee it. To get rates, contact a local contractor. When negotiating rates with them, consider these other factors:

Customisation. Buying pergola kits eliminates the creative process of designing it for your backyard, deck, or garden. Contractors can customise the pergola to your vision and budget for an additional fee.

Maintenance. Early in construction, consider how much maintenance will cost over time. Most expensive pergolas require less maintenance, hence the cost.

Property pergola location. This is crucial when deciding whether to attach the pergola to a structure. Although cheaper, this may require more processing.

Local planning office rules. Overall, pergolas shouldn’t exceed 3m. Pergola installation requires planning and building permits in some states. Certain areas require Council approval for pergola installation. To check local regulations, talk to your contractor and planning office.

Waiting for what? Many skilled contractors can build and install your dream pergola.