Complaint Handling Policy

Policy for Handling Complaints


We sincerely appreciate your feedback as it aids in our continual learning and development. We are committed to maintaining our reputation for providing outstanding service. Our goal is to resolve complaints as quickly as possible by treating them consistently, fairly, and impartially. This policy tells you how to file a complaint with us and gives you information about how we handle complaints. Establishing an open and transparent complaint handling system, outlining the guiding principles that direct our actions, establishing precise deadlines for complaint resolution, and providing specifics on the collection and use of complaint data are all part of our goals.

  1. What Constitutes a Complaint

Within the framework of our Pergola Building services, a complaint is a statement of discontent with the services that we offer.

In relation to construction projects for which we have granted a building permit, it may also allude to a complaint.


There are two ways that you can file a complaint:

Fill out our online complaint form, which is easily accessible at on our website.
By phone, you can reach us directly at (02) 8080 4340 We might direct you to our website to fill out the Complaint Form if you decide to file your complaint over the phone. We might offer to help you fill out the form in specific situations.


We use the data you submit and any pertinent records we already have in our possession to investigate your complaint. If more information is required, we might get in touch with you to ask questions. In order to facilitate the investigation, kindly supply the following details:

Your entire name and contact information.
Anything extra you need help with.
The address of the property where the complaint is related.
The type of grievance you have raised.
Whether you have brought up this issue with us before.
the desired result that you are after.
copies of any information or supporting papers.


We keep thorough records of every complaint, which include your name, contact details, information from the Complaint Form, correspondence, the findings of the investigation, and any corrective or remedial actions carried out. We handle your personal information in compliance with our privacy policy and safeguard it from unwanted access. We may disclose your personal information to pertinent third parties, including contractors, builders, or regulatory agencies, in the course of looking into and addressing complaints, if needed or mandated by law.


We want to keep you updated and involved at every stage of the resolution of your complaint. This is how our process operates:

Acknowledgement: You will instantly receive an email acknowledging receipt of your complaint after submitting the Complaint Form.

Study: The management’s goal is to address your complaint in three to five business days (with the highest priority going to those that are urgent). However, some situations—like complicated problems or the requirement for more information—might take longer. In these situations, we will give you an updated timeline along with an explanation for the delay. You have the right to get in touch with us at any time to keep track of the status of your complaint.

Reaction: We will send out a written report detailing the investigation’s conclusions as well as any relevant actions. We may also notify you of available external channels or remedies if you are not happy with the course of action or results of our internal investigation. Depending on how satisfied we are with the resolution, we may close the complaint at this point.

Action: We’ll take the necessary measures to correct any errors that we find. This can entail modifying internal procedures or policies, starting enforcement action against a builder or property owner, and giving our employees more training.

Recording: For the purpose of handling complaints, we keep an extensive internal database of all of them. The analysis of complaint data aims to pinpoint more general problems and deal with root causes.


We will pause further action until the NSW Fair Trading or any other government agency that is currently investigating your complaint has finished its investigation.


We carefully review the content of every complaint, but if the complainant’s actions become unreasonable, we reserve the right to stop looking into or responding to the complaint. Unreasonable behaviour can take various forms, such as excessive or continuous reiteration of a problem, unsuitable expectations or demands, abusive, inconsiderate, or vexatious behaviour, and continuous communication during or following our investigation.